Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Midterm Speaking Test

You have until the end of class to complete this assignment. Please read the instructions carefully.

Choose 3 Works

Prepare a Description + Opinion
Take notes or write a script to describe the work of art and give your opinion. Be sure to identify the work with the artist’s name, the title, year, and the medium. Use 3 vocabulary words from the Midterm list in the Flashcards app for each image your choose.

You may read some of the descriptions on the Met’s website to get ideas, but your descriptions should be in your own words. Look at the images and talk about what you see, think, and feel. Imagine the artist’s process of making the work. Feel free to make connections to other artists or artwork that you know about.

Make an iMovie
Make an iMovie with the three images and record your spoken descriptions.
Time: 5-7 minutes in total.

Upload your movie to YouTube. Title your video “Midterm Speaking Test.” In the text box describing your YouTube video, give the 9 vocabulary words you used.

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