Tues 12/2
Final class! Share your best Listening/Speaking Log entry. 

Tues 11/25
Final Listening/Speaking Log Due: 12 entries

Fri 11/21
Present your clip from the interview and share your written summary and response. 

Tues 11/18
Final Project Presentations

Fri 11/14
Present the conversation you wrote with your partner in which you practice 14 words and 6 grammar points. Bring 2 typed transcripts with the words and grammar points underlined. 

Tues 11/11
Be sure to coordinate with your partner in the JFK group to schedule your artist interview before Nov. 18th. 

Thursday!! 11/06
  • Meet the JFKs in the lab at 9:30. 
  • Before class, watch your Gorky's Granddaughter interview. Listen for and write down 2-3 questions that you hear and the answers. Write the quoted and reported speech. 
  • Look at the list of artists who are available for interviews. Decide which ones you'd like to contact and discuss it with your partner on Thursday.

Tues 11/04
Speaking/Listening Log Due: 10 Total Entries
One of your log entries should be a summary and response to The Cabin In The Woods

Tues 10/21
  • Vocab Quiz 
  • Comments on Speaking/Listening Log evaluation
  • Finish watching practice videos
  • In class we will work on e-porfolios

Fri 10/17
Record of video of yourself telling a scary story. You can use make-up, costumes, lights, projections or any props that you want but remember this is practice for your live storytelling that you will do in class on 10/24. 
Length: around 5 minutes 

Read the evaluation I emailed you about your Speaking/Listening Log. Add some comments for each entry. Be sure to address any questions or sections that were unclear. 

Tues 10/07
Speaking/Listening Log: 6 total entries. One entry should be about Art:21-Oliver Herring.
Mid-term vocabulary test

Fri 10/03
Vocabulary quiz - week 3-4 list

Tues 09/30
Due: Two paragraph summary of PS 1 interviews
Speaking/Listening Log: 4 total entries

Fri 09/26
Field Trip: Meet at the entrance to PS 1 at 2pm
Interview assignment

Fri 09/19
Finish your Log Entry #1(speaking) and #2(listening). Upload both to your YouTube Channel. 
Post your Log Entry #1 to this blog.
Study vocabulary and be ready for a quiz! 

Tues 09/16
Share your 3 minute description of one photo that you made in iMovie.
Present your conversation about the talk we heard at the MoMA.

Fri 09/05
Give your 5 photo presentation if you haven't already.
Study the vocabulary in Flashcards.

Listening/Speaking Log

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