Monday, November 17, 2014

Assignment: Present Your Interview

Due: Friday 11/21

Write 2 paragraphs about your interview. In the first paragraph, summarize the most interesting ideas that you discussed and learned from the artist you interviewed. In the second paragraph, give a response including your opinion of the interview process, the work, and the ideas that you discussed.

Use both quoted and reported speech. If there was a particular phrase or description that the artist used that you would like to share, then keep it in direct speech. Use reported speech to summarize what was said in general. Remember to change the verb tense where needed.

Print a copy of your summary and response and bring it to class. Be sure to include your name, date, the class, and assignment in the top left. Double space and use 12 pt. font.

Present a 5 minute clip from your interview.  This can be a continuous 5 minute section or you can edit together a few different parts.  Choose a section that best reflects your speaking skills and the ideas that you were able to elicit during the interview.

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