Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Assignment: Describe Your Photo

This is a photo that I took in Yogyakarta, Indonesia last year. These women are part of collective that makes traditional batik sarongs and fabrics. Listen to my 3 minute description:

My vocabulary words: elder, collective, fabric, village complex, batik, wax, tool, dip, dye, negative

Now it's your turn!
  • Choose a photo that you took that is related to art, design, or architecture. 
  • Write down 10 specific vocabulary words that you will need to describe the image. You can use a dictionary.
  • Import the photo into iMovie***
  • Use the voice-over function to record your voice.***
  • Describe the photo and give your opinion of what's going on. Talk about what you were doing and why you took the photo.
  • Speak for at least three minutes.
  • Do not write a script. You may use notes. 
  • Work on grammar and/or pronunciation that was discussed in the previous presentation.
  • Upload the file to YouTube.***
  • Create a post on this blog with your video.
  • Share it with us in the next class. 
***In iMovie, create a new movie. Import your photograph. Drag the photo into the work space. Make your movie 3 minutes long. Click "V" to see the microphone. Record your voice. Share to YouTube! Be patient, it takes time.

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