Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reminder - Due Today!

  • Present your iMovie in which you talk about one image for 3 minutes.
  • Show your video conversation about the gallery talk at the MoMA. Here is the assignment again:

Listening/Speaking Assignment- Gallery Talk

Person, Place, Thing: Photographic Practices in the Studio
At the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

1:15pm - Meet on the 3rd floor in the Edward Steichen Photography Gallery.

a notebook
a pen/pencil.

During the talk:
Stand near the speaker so you can hear and see well.
Listen to everything the speaker says.
Even if you don’t understand, keep listening.
Notice the rhythm and pronunciation of the words.
Pick out words that you can understand.
Try to follow the idea.
Take notes if possible.
Look at the images carefully.

After the talk:
Study the images again.
Write three questions for your partner about the talk.
Who… What… Where… When… Why… How…
Ask me if you need help with question form.
Show your partner the questions and let him/her think about them.

Make a video:
Go to the sculpture garden or find a comfortable and quiet place to make a video.
Record your conversation.
Introduce yourselves and what you will be discussing briefly.
Ask your questions.
Try to sound as natural as possible.
Let the conversations develop.
Talk to each other and to the camera.
The camera person should keep time: signal at 4 minutes and stop at 5.

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